Harry in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

This photo looks like Eleanor is crying and lou is comforting her :(


Beauty Guru Lou Teasdale’s Beauty Tips
Eyebrows: "I get a treatment by company called HD Brows. They dye the hairs… then thread them into shape. So you have fullness where you don’t naturally have color."
Making Tanner to Look Natural and Perfect Skin: "A real tan has a bit of pink in it, so go for an aerosol spray that isn’t too brown or orange. I mist it over my face before I start my makeup."
How to Turn Freshly Washed Hair Into a Matte Mess:"A good old ’80s diffuser. Mousse, and then diffuse to get that grungy, beachy, undone-but-done look. Even when I’m doing topknots or braids."
Kit Must-Have: "I really like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment because it’s so natural and moisturizing. I use it for lips, [and tattoos]."
Other Tips From her New Book:"Add powder eye shadow to lipstick for a matte finish. Black lipstick makes the best greasy, smoky eye. Add hair chalk that matches your color creates matte dirty texture."
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